Our Service Model

The Process We Use

adjust, create a foundation, analysis, education and recommendations

Create A Foundation

It starts with a conversation about your current financial picture, what you want to accomplish with your resources and what could be holding you back from reaching your goals. Next we’ll create a financial model to help you better understand your financial picture and what is possible. This model will answer basic questions like “how much do you need for retirement?” but it will also serve as a decision making tool for all of the other areas of your financial life.

Analysis, Education And Recommendations

Over the course of the first 12-18 months, we should be able to review each area of your financial life in detail. We will make recommendations during the process, but the primary goal is to give you the knowledge and tools to be a better steward of your family’s financial security.


You are constantly changing and so is the world around you. As things change, lets review the plan and make sure it’s still the best strategy for you. This isn’t a once a year meeting. We like to have frequent check ins with our clients throughout the year.

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Taxes are a big expense for successful families.  Our in-house CPA will work with your tax advisor collaboratively to capture opportunities for you each year.  Our job is to help you and your tax advisor be proactive instead of reactive.


While your portfolio isn’t all we care about, it is a big factor in your financial security. We build diversified, tax efficient and low cost portfolio’s designed to meet your cash flow needs now and later in life.

Asset Allocation is the dominant driver of risk and return in your portfolio. Asset Location determines how much of your investments you keep after taxes.  Most advisors exclusively focus on Asset Allocation.  We will help your family manage both aspects to grow your net worth as efficiently as possible.

We don’t accept commissions.  Any recommendations will be based on merit, not on how much a third party will pay us.

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Think of a limited liability entity (LLC, corporation, etc.) as a bomb containment device to put around risky assets.  A trust, when structured properly, can act as a bomb shelter to safeguard your treasures.  We will review your legal documents and work with your attorney to develop asset protection strategies that fit your needs.

When it comes to insurance, some risks are worth self-insuring.  We will help you create a plan to manage those.  We will also work with your insurance agent to shift away any risks that are too large to retain.


Putting the right legal documents in place will ensure that your loved ones are taken care of after you are gone.  We are experts at structuring an estate plan to take care of your family while incorporating tax planning and asset protection strategies into the document.

Good legal documents are great, but your legacy should be more than a pile of papers.  We believe your legacy is about the lives you touch.  We will help your family create opportunities for making memories; intentionally pass on financial values to the next generation; and help you share your wealth efficiently with charitable causes that matter to you.

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